Adventurous Treehouse Engagement SessionRed River Gorge Engagement

Adventurous Engagement Sessions = GOIN WIT DA FLOW

Part of shooting in such breathtaking mountain locations is expecting to be an ADVENTURE. AKA sometimes we’ll lose reception in the mountains, sometimes we drive on crazy curvy roads, and sometimes we even get a little LOST together. I’ll Explain later…

Our shoot started at the coolest cabins I’ve EVER seen in my life at Red River Gorgeous. It was literally a childhood dream COME. TRUE. We only had about twenty minutes to shoot at the cabin due to some change of plans but we made the BEST out if it!

Our second location was at this stunning waterfall, Copperas Falls. We knew going into it was a off trail and a little tricky to get to but we asked the guides for some help to make sure we were on the right path….THANKFULLY Johnny is a HUGE backpacker/camping man and brought his backpack full of essentials in case we did get lost…aaand we might have. During our hike, we chatted about what a disappointment this season of The Bachelor (oh Nick) and talked about our favorite Disney movies….Mulan, of course. Two miles in after following the river, we realize we missed the waterfall. Thankfully we had so much fun during our time, Johnny was such a gentleman throughout the hike and still have  some DOOPEE shots. Thanks for getting lost with me!

Autumn and Johnny met during grade school, fell in love in high school and now they’re tying the knot this summer! High school sweethearts, UMMM HECK YEAH. They are two fun-lovin-child-like spirits that are always down for a fun time.

PS. Their love for Ben Rector is as much as I love Ben Rector! WIN.

5613 steps later…WE MADE IT!!