As much as I love capturing people's love stories, working in the studio capturing portraits and fashion is where I thrive artistically. I crave this type of work so much! It's definitely not easy balancing weddings and portrait work but it's totally worth it.

Quote from my 2016 Love Stories Recap:

"What a WILD year it’s been. Personally, 2016 started low but ended on a super high! From getting married to my best friend to moving to a new city, to moving into a HOUSE to getting published more and becoming a traveling destination photographer. SO thankful. But it def hasn't been all glamorous...2016 started off pretty rough. 

I was pretty obsessed with putting my identity into my business. Like I had this HUGE pride in myself and my work and if my business failed, then I failed as a person. How do you create work for others with all that insecurity and pressure on yourself? 

So thankful for learning how to create freely without all the pressure to do a fabulous job. Now creating images for my clients bring me so much JOY and if my business completely disappeared today, I’m going to be A-OKAY. Don't put all that pressure on yourself to create the best thing ever. Create freely. And every success is a GIFT!"



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